Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My role in current era

Dear Sir/Madam, We are the people of current era, and being facilitated by current socio-economy systems for life and growth. Be sure our deep professional attention towards accelerating the productive of system, procedure and technology owing to humanity and justice along with balancing the ecology is also our contribution towards human civilization .Worldwide every social system, procedure and technology connecting to socio-economy is gift of individual or collective evolutionary knowledge to world people or human civilization. Therefore as a human one’s duty to thinks something new or tends more attention in own profession be nurturing and nourishing more to own professional motto in every point of view and fulfill others motto in the society for life and growth. Such positive attitude in profession facilitates self to get salvation means feel happiness in day life. Innovating and positive motto in profession draws a simple and easy solution to establish humanity, justice, liberty, characteristics and prosperity in our immediate society and worldwide society. Natural resources of earth, one’s existence, consciousness, happiness, mind, knowledge and intelligence are provided by providence .Therefore everyone has potentiality to take leadership in own area or large community for leading smooth life .Makes system to connect among individual leadership in one profession in term of social reformation committee invites enhance of collective socio-economy growth of immediate surrounding along with global. In other angle it will help to establish interdependent, integrate, prosperous and peace world. We request you kindly continuing your deep professional attitude for self-motto and society motto along with extend your hand any of social reform committee as per your instinct and habit or as suitable to your profession to reduce foolishness and repulsion intelligent in our immediate surroundings. Such noble contribution help to improve leadership among common people and reduce poverty, violence is the key of peace and socio-economy balance society. Thanking You “International Integration Bond,Bileipada,Keonjhar,Odisha,India,758038”

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